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At Lead Out, We're Committed to YOU 

Unlike traditional clinics, we spend time with you. We figure out where that nagging pain is coming from so you can get back to doing what you love! 

We don't care if you're a professional athlete, qualifying for the Olympics, working out for fun, or just moving for a healthy lifestyle...we don't want pain stopping you.

This is why we use a three-step process to get you back to where you want to be, doing the things you want to do.

First, let's TREAT your pain

Pain is incredibly frustrating...and its what keeps you from your workouts or functioning well in daily life - you need this out of your way to get back at it.

Now let's find and FIX the root cause

If you keep having the same problem over and over again..OR you get over one thing only to have something else pop up... there's a root cause. LOPT spends as long as it takes to find it so you can keep movin' - and hopefully never be our patient again.

We end with EMPOWERING you

We will always help you...but we don't want you to need us. We want to give you the tools, exercises, and power to take care of yourself. We show you what to do so you can keep yourself healthy, pain free, and performing at the level you expect.

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Table and equipment that is used for different services including dry needling

How we help you...

In order to treat pain, get to the root cause, and empower you, we combine treatment methods, our 20+ years of experience, and analyses to ensure you have what you need to do what you want. Things like manual therapy, dry needling, cupping, running/golf swing analysis, and much more....

Manual/Massage Therapy Service Icon
dry needling service
Running gait service
Golf rehabilitation service

Manual Therapy

Dry Needling

Running Gait Analysis

Golf Rehabilitation

Client Testimonials

A 5-Star Experience

“While playing in the NFL, your body is bruised and beat up on a daily basis. Treating, recovering, and preventing injuries becomes your main focus and top priority if you want to have any chance in the sport. 
I put my trust in Jim because of the experience, knowledge, and all the different techniques he bring to the table. I can confidently say he helped me push past injuries and prolong my professional playing career though are work together.” 


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